Feed Forward

“By now the line on Mr. Neumann is well established: He is the smart joker of dance. What’s not said as often is how deeply felt and deeply moving his work can be. “Feedforward” is no sneering gloss on dumb jocks; it’s an elegant, spatially adept meditation from someone who knows well the power and the absurdities of sport, as well as the primal nature of its connection to an unmistakably American sense of the world. And yes, relax, it’s wildly funny…” NY TIMES



I Understand Everything Better

“Both in the text, written in collaboration with the fine playwright Sibyl Kempson, and through a richly collaged sampler of movement styles that runs from modern American dance to classical Japanese theater, Neumann twins his winningly off-kilter humor with heavier forces.”-Claudia La Rocco in ARTFORUM