Distances Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed

Currently in Development - work-in-progress showing at Baryshinikov Arts Center on April 12th, 2018

With Performances by: Jodi Melnick, Marcella Murray, David Neumann, Sara Rudner, Victoria Roberts-Wierzbowski and more…

Distances Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed, David Neumann's newest work, aims to unfold a complex view of the human experience, with all its hubris, fuck ups, and wonder. Lofting questions from the boundary between the tangible and unfathomable may lead us to new perspectives, like empathy can lead to a larger world view. Within Advanced Beginner Group’s mix of dance, science, and theater, the new work will find form where the borders between language and movement become indistinguishable, the empirical and poetic become sympathetic agents, and three generations share a dance.

Perhaps a talk will be given on distance and scale where the edge of human perspective shimmers like a mirage when considered alongside astronomical scales of time and space. Perhaps this talk will be called: ‘A Lecture on Everything—The Universe is Inside your Brain but also in that Person’s’, a TEHD Talk. (Tech/Theater, E-magination, Hubris/Heart, Dance/Design/Death)



Creator: David Neumann
Sound Design & Lead Collaborator: Tei Blow
Text:  TK
Performers: Sara Rudner, Jodi Melnick, Victoria Roberts-Wierzbowski, Marcella Murray, David Neumann
Lighting Design: TK
Set Design: Chris Green
Costume Design: Erica Sweany
Project Advisors: TK
Administration: Amanda Brandes; Producer, Boo Froebel


The development of Distance Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed is being made possible, in part, by residencies at MANCC / the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography at Florida State University; Baryshnikov Arts Center; the Rauschenberg Residency/Robert Rauschenberg Foundation; and the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

chris ignacio